Pininfarina, with PURA Vision a line of electric hypercars


Pininfarina has recently revealed what are the plans for the future electric car platform thanks to the collaboration with Bosch, which as everyone will know is the leader in the production of electric motors, together with Benteler, a German holding company. Moreover, apparently, it has also been stated that among the projects, there is that of giving way to a completely new concept of electrical design. This innovation will most probably be called "Pure Vision"And some rumors hypothesize its debut in 2020. For the moment we do not know the characteristics of Pura Vision, but the only information that could prove correct concerns the presentation, in fact the new design could be shown, in the States United, at the same time as the 90th anniversary of Pininfarina.

Therefore, it would seem that the vehicle will be based on a "skateboard" platform, which is now very common in the sector concerning electric cars. Driving enthusiasts will know that placing batteries under the car's floor has a positive effect on vehicle dynamics. in fact, the center of gravity is lowered and, at the same time, the roll axis of the vehicle improves cornering performance. Well, this type of platform was developed by Pininfarina with the collaboration of Bosch and Benteler.

It would seem that the Pininfarina projects are very ambitious, in fact the intention is to create, with PURA Vision, a new design concept but also an entire line of cars based on the same platform. This is a completely new project for the company; in the past he had dealt with production working with some of the largest car manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Cadillac and many others, offering a more focused work on the design and conception of the lines.

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