chaos and crazy delays on all lines


Crazy evening, the one on Thursday, for those who use the train to move to Milan. Due to a fault, several Trenord and Trenitalia lines have been delayed and canceled. Difficulties even for the high-speed Frecciarossa trains, which were already blocked during the day due to the attempted murder on the Turin-Rome route, and Italo.

Failure at the railway junction: chaos trains in Milan

The official communication is given by a Trenord tweet, around 8 pm: "In the whole Milan railway junction there is a failure of the train traffic management systems. Therefore the same will suffer unspecified delays".

This message was followed by another published on the Trenord website.

The failure of the train traffic management systems in the MILAN RAILWAY NODE persists. The RFI technicians are working to restore the regular operation of the plants.

The Trenord and Rfi operations rooms are implementing the necessary measures and the railway circulation is still strongly disturbed with delays, cancellations and route changes.

The station's visual and sound information systems are also affected by the fault.

There are many railway lines that literally went into chaos. Here are the Trenord lines that have suffered discomfort (the live situation: click on the photo)

Trenord failure-2

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