De Laurentiis-Ancelotti's inevitable break: minimum ratio


The relationship between Carlo Ancelotti and Aurelio De Laurentiis would be cracking more and more after the negative events of last night.

The Naples is experiencing the worst moment of the season, and not only. Since the beginning of the week, there has been much discussion about choice of the president of Naples to send the team in withdrawal (not punitive, of course, and underlined by the president) and the consequent disagreement of the coach. The players, yesterday after the draw against Salzburg, did the rest, boycotting the same withdrawal and not appearing at Castel Volturno.


The editorial staff of Sky Sports, through the voice of Gianluca Di Marzio, a market expert journalist, has released important updates on the relationship between the President of Naples, De Laurentiis and Ancelotti.

"I could not follow the story well, but I see only an antechamber of a divorce between Napoli and Ancelotti. I don't know if it's a question of days or months or even only at the end of the season, but these are signs of an inevitable break between the parties. I see what happened between De Laurentiis and Benitez, the same situations that happened in April 2015. From what I already know before the race some players decided to go home. Filter that no formal communication had arrived from Naples and the players took advantage of it. The relationship between Ancelotti and De Laurentiis is at a minimum ”.


The Naples, through an official statement, clarified what will follow on the events of the last hours. Stock for Ancelotti and the players, for whom measures will be taken.

"The Company informs that, with reference to the behavior of the players of its first team yesterday evening, Tuesday 5 November 2019, it will proceed to protect its economic, patrimonial, image and disciplinary rights in each competent office.

It is also specified that he has entrusted the decision-making responsibility for the execution of collection days by the first team of the coach of the same Carlo Ancelotti. Finally he announces that he has determined the press silence until a date to be defined ”.

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