National women, Bertolini: "2019 was our year. Let's use it to grow the movement"


VIGGIANO – "2019 was our year. We are very happy and proud of the results achieved, it was an opportunity to bring out the qualities of our girls and make them known both in Italy and abroad. We must start from this to give impetus to the whole youth soccer movement and in particular to the female one ". In Viggiano to participate in an event organized by the Regional Committee of the National Amateur League of Basilicata as part of the initiative 'Our football with Eni', the coach of the women's national team Milena Bertolini wants to emphasize the importance of increasing the movement.

Eni supports the Lucanian youth companies

And it was precisely in Basilicata, thanks to Eni's support, that the development of youth football began to be helped by reducing membership costs and making a contribution to the companies that do basic activities, a donation of a kit, at the end of the season. from game and a ball to the members belonging to the categories Little friends, First kicks and Chicks, and the granting of a scholarship to 40 members aged between 5 and 17 years. "The objective", underlined Walter Rizzi, Senior Vice President of the Italian Region Southern District Eni, "is to establish, together with the Amateur League, a training gym for the individual growth of young Lucanians to make them understand that sport is a necessity both physical and psychological, which helps in the development and training of new generations.The confrontation, healthy competition, the possibility of being in an environment feeling at ease and becoming part of something, of a cohesive group, help to acquire the tools which will then be used in everyday life.

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