Europei 2020, draw: Italy risks a group with France and Portugal


ROME – Don't call it a draw. What will be staged on November 30th in Bucharest (6 pm) will not have the charm that preceded the previous European editions. The revolutionary mechanism introduced by UEFA to establish the 24 participants in the final phase, also taking into account the political constraints and the locations of a touring tournament for the first time, has partly ruined the wait for the composition of the Euro 2020 rounds. we know, for example, 3 of the 4 teams that will play in group B, namely Denmark and Russia (host countries) plus Belgium, relegated by force to the group as the only other first-tier nation that does not host matches, or the Ukraine cannot play against Russia due to political disagreements. As a result it has already been tucked into group C along with Holland.


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Italy, group of iron risk with France and Portugal

Italy, seeded along with Belgium, England, Ukraine, Spain and Germany, will be in Group A and will play their three matches in Rome on 12, 17 and 21 June. Given that the other headquarters of the grouping is Baku and that Azerbaijan has failed to qualify, it will be necessary to see which second force it will find: the main risk is to immediately meet the world champions of France or the vice-champions of Croatia. It would be better if the Blues fished Switzerland or Poland. The greatest danger in the third band is represented by the Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo, outgoing European champion. The other formations that could happen to Italy are Turkey, Austria, Sweden or Czech Republic. In the fourth band there are Wales and Finland plus the 4 winners of the March play-offs. Italy already knows that it will not face the winner of the B play-off (whose semi-finals are Bosnia-Northern Ireland and Slovakia-Eire).


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Possible eighth in London or Amsterdam

The draw will not be final. Because based on who will go through the play-offs, the matches will be forced: Romania, in the event of qualification, will end up in Group C with Holland and Ukraine, Scotland in Group D with England, Eire in Group E with Spain. Finally Hungary in group F with Germany. Taking a look a little later at the hypothetical eighths, one can see that Italy, if it won its group, would play on June 27th in London against the third of group C, the one in which they already exist Ukraine and the Netherlands. In case, instead, he would arrive second he would meet, always on June 27th but in Amsterdam, the second of group B in which there are Belgium, Russia and Denmark. But perhaps, even for bad luck, it is good not to go too far.

The four bands of the Euro 2020 draw:

Urn 1: Belgium, Italy, England, Germany, Spain and Ukraine
Urn 2: France, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia, Holland and Russia
Urn 3: Portugal, Turkey, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic
Urn 4: Wales, Finland, winning playoffs A (Iceland and three between Bulgaria, Israel, Romania and Hungary), winning playoffs B (semi-finals in a single match at home of the first: Bosnia-Northern Ireland and Slovakia-Eire), winning playoff C ( semi-finals in single race at home of the first: Scotland against one between Bulgaria, Israel, Romania and Hungary and Norway-Serbia), winning playoff D (semi-finals in single race at home of the first: Georgia-Belarusian and North Macedonia-Kosovo)
The rounds of Euro 2020 (with the teams already assigned):
GROUP A (in Rome and Baku): Italy
GROUP B (in Copenhagen and St. Petersburg): Belgium, Russia and Denmark
GROUP C (in Amsterdam and Bucharest): Ukraine and the Netherlands
GROUP D (in London and Glasgow): England
GROUP E (in Bilbao and Dublin): Spain and winner of the B playoff (one between Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Slovakia and Eire).
GROUP F (in Budapest and Munich): Germany

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