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1st day

All matches start at 21h except those mentioned at 18h55

Tuesday September 17th
Group E: Naples – Liverpool, Salzburg – Genk
Group F: Inter – Slavia Prague (18h55), Dortmund – Barcelona
Group G: Lyon – Zenit (18h55), Benfica – Leipzig
Group H: Chelsea – Valencia, Ajax – Lille

Wednesday, September 18th
Group A: Club Brugge – Galatasaray (18h55), Paris Saint-Germain – Real Madrid
Group B: Olympiacos – Tottenham (18h55), Bayern – Red Star of Belgrade
Group C: Donetsk Chakhtior – Manchester City, Dinamo Zagreb – Atalanta
Group D: Atlético – Juventus, Leverkusen – Lokomotiv Moscow

2nd day

Tuesday October 1
Group A: Real Madrid – Club Brugge (18h55), Galatasaray – Paris Saint-Germain Group B: Tottenham – Bayern, Red Star of Belgrade – Olympiacos
Group C: Atalanta – Chakhtior Donetsk (18h55), Manchester City – Dinamo Zagreb
Group D: Juventus – Leverkusen, Lokomotiv Moscow – Atletico

Wednesday 2nd October
Group E: Genk – Naples (18h55), Liverpool – Salzburg
Group F: Slavia Prague – Dortmund (18h55), Barcelona – Inter
Group G: Zenit – Benfica, Leipzig – Lyon
Group H: Valencia – Ajax, Lille – Chelsea

3rd day

Tuesday, October 22
Group A: Club Brugge – Paris Saint-Germain, Galatasaray – Real Madrid
Group B: Tottenham – Red Star Belgrade, Olympiacos – Bayern
Group C: Chakhtior Donetsk – Dinamo Zagreb (18h55), Manchester City – Atalanta
Group D: Atlético – Leverkusen (18h55), Juventus – Lokomotiv Moscow

Wednesday, October 23
Group E: Salzburg – Naples, Genk – Liverpool
Group F: Inter – Dortmund, Slavia Prague – Barcelona
Group G: Leipzig – Zenit (18h55), Benfica – Lyon
Group H: Ajax – Chelsea (18h55), Lille – Valencia

4th day

Tuesday November 5th
Group E: Liverpool – Genk, Naples – Salzburg
Group F: Barcelona – Slavia Prague (18h55), Dortmund – Inter
Group G: Zenit – Leipzig (18h55), Lyon – Benfica
Group H: Chelsea – Ajax, Valencia – Lille

Wednesday 6th November
Group A: Paris Saint-Germain – Club Brugge, Real Madrid – Galatasaray
Group B: Bayern – Olympiacos (18h55), Red Star of Belgrade – Tottenham
Group C: Dinamo Zagreb – Chakhtior Donetsk, Atalanta – Manchester City
Group D: Lokomotiv Moscow – Juventus (18h55), Leverkusen – Atlético

5th day

Tuesday, November 26
Group A: Galatasaray – Club Brugge (18h55), Real Madrid – Paris Saint-Germain
Group B: Tottenham – Olympiacos, Red Star of Belgrade – Bayern
Group C: Manchester City – Chakhtior Donetsk, Atalanta – Dinamo Zagreb
Group D: Lokomotiv Moscow – Leverkusen (18h55), Juventus – Atlético

Wednesday, November 27
Group E: Liverpool – Naples, Genk – Salzburg
Group F: Barcelona – Dortmund, Slavia Prague – Inter
Group G: Zenit – Lyon (18h55), Leipzig – Benfica
Group H: Valencia – Chelsea (18h55), Lille – Ajax

6th day

Tuesday, December 10
Group E: Naples – Genk (18h55), Salzburg – Liverpool (18h55)
Group F: Dortmund – Slavia Prague, Inter – Barcelona
Group G: Benfica – Zenit, Lyon – Leipzig
Group H: Chelsea – Lille, Ajax – Valencia

Wednesday 11 December
Group A: Paris Saint-Germain – Galatasaray, Club Brugge – Real Madrid
Group B: Bayern – Tottenham, Olympiacos – Red Star of Belgrade
Group C: Shakhtior Donetsk – Atalanta (18h55), Dinamo Zagreb – Manchester City (18h55)
Group D: Atlético – Lokomotiv Moscow, Leverkusen – Juventus


Tuesday, September 17: Naples – Liverpool and Dortmund – Barcelona

Wednesday 18 September: PSG-Real Madrid and Atlético – Juventus

Tuesday 1 October: Tottenham – Bayern Munich

Wednesday 2 October: Barcelona – Inter and Lille – Chelsea

Wednesday, October 23: Benfica – Lyon

Tuesday, November 26: Real Madrid – PSG and Juventus – Atlético

Wednesday, November 27: Liverpool – Naples and Barcelona – Dortmund

Tuesday, December 10: Inter – Barcelona

Wednesday, December 11: Bayern – Tottenham

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