Lewis Hamilton in Ferrari in 2021, can really be done: the reasons for the marriage that "upsets" Leclerc


No, the track has not faded at all. The track is one of the most evocative ever for what concerns the Formula 1: the arrival of Lewis Hamilton in Ferrari. He has been talking about it for years, between contacts and interviews. Now with Charles Leclerc that paws, the suggestion seemed to have faded away: at the end of the next season – this is the prevailing hypothesis – goodbye to Sebastian Vettel and in its place a "normal" driver, a second, a squire with whom to defend the Monegasque. Well, the yellow solution could be dramatically different, and could predict the arrival of the Black King (copywrighted Leo Turrini) in Maranello.

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As is known, during the weekend of the last Gp of the season – won so much for a change by Hamilton – the same Ferrari made an advance to Lewis. And the person concerned, at 34 years old, he doesn't want to stop, he wants to beat and break other records, he wants to win with other cars. Maybe win with the Ferrari myth that never hid from driving. And they asked for an account of the Cavallino, in Hamilton, when he frees himself, in 2021, what is he doing? He answers: "If I had meetings with President Elkann? For many years I have not thought of other options but I can't see anything wrong with sitting down and thinking about my future, if this is the last period or step in my career – press -. I know my boss too Toto Wolff he is evaluating for himself so I wait and see, of course I'm fine where I am and it's not a decision to make quickly, I know I like to win and fight with these guys ".

In short, an answer that is a substantial openness. Words accepted by Sebastian Vettel, who would be deputed to leave his post, with bitter irony: "If Hamilton will come in Ferrari? He's already in Ferrari, is one of the best customers ", replied the German referring to the large number of Maranello racing cars that the British have. Words that do nothing but confirm: the track that leads Hamilton to Ferrari in 2021 is really feasible. Maybe for a season only for do not exacerbate the inevitable duel with Leclerc. But the opportunity is too tempting: both for what it means from the point of view of the sponsors for Ferrari, and for what it can mean for Hamilton the chance to win on the Rossa.

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