Formula 1, report cards for the season: Ferrari flop, Leclerc beat Vettel. But look at Seb's secret weapon


Hamilton – Great qualifications, found pole. It pushes like the most important race. Leading from the first to the last lap. Atomic. 10 per race and season. 9 to the Mercedes. Because, to use the magnetic Toto, perfection does not exist. Almost.

Verstappen – The machine makes him suffer a lot. Second. The future is here. 8 to the race and to a good season, net of the 'cazzate' on the track. 8 also at Red Bull, strong especially in the last part of the championship.

Leclerc – What a fight with Max! Race that cancels a botched qualifier. 10 podiums, 7 poles and assorted spells. However, Verstappen holds third place for drivers. But he also looks to the future and smiles. Less first woman with Vettel, less trouble. 8 to the race, 7 and a half to the season.

Vettel – The race is 'no'. Apart from the overtaking returned to Albon. Less first woman with Leclerc, less trouble. 5 to the race, 6 to the season. The birth of the third child will do him good.

Ferrari – Flop season, looking at a brighter future (waiting for Hamilton for 2021?). Strategies that seem arcane, roles to review, not even machines. Bad at first, in Monza a breath, then nothing new. It should not be easy for Binotto: 6.

Albon – Enjoys the Ferrari double pit stop at the beginning, then closes sixth. Well they did Horner and Marko to pass him in Red Bull. Solid. It will give the maximum. Race 6, season 7.

Norris – Even better than the 'old' Sainz. Closes eighth. Promoted with 6 poltico. McLaren? The glories are far away but the vintage is good: 7.

Ricciardo – No points for a hair. Vintage from 6. But the flop of the Renault 2019 is striking and makes one think how the 'motorized' McLaren looks even better: 5.

Sainz – Sixth in the drivers' standings at the end of his career. Excellent qualifications, a race to forget if not that, in the final, it takes a few points. Super solid. Season: 8.

Hulkenberg – Did you have to wait for the last race before retiring to get a point? In fact I miss that. Never a victory, never so brilliant. And nothing has led to a Renault full of limitations and uncertainties. 3.

Perez – He's the only one to bring (and sometimes to pick up) points for some time now. 6 and a half to the season. 6 to the Racing Point.

Gasly – Disastrous initial initial crash with the Racing. What a pity, given the rediscovered spirit of the Italian Toro Rosso, Alpha Tauri from next year (finding such an ugly name requires commitment). 7 to him for the season. 8 to the team, which holds.

Stroll – In the end it comes out … Useless to waste words. In a year's time, Dad takes it back and goodbye and thanks. Vote for the season: 4.

Kvyat – Fight with an 'extinguished' Raikkonen … and ole. He finishes ninth and this time takes home the points that Gasly usually does. Apart from Germany, no lightning does the homework. And 5 and a half we give him.

Magnussen – Almost in points, then 14th. But that Haas is an ordeal. Season 2, to love him.

Grosjean – We don't know whether to give less to him or to the Haas. When in doubt, let's give 0 to both and goodnight.

Giovinazzo – Qualifying joke, crashing race with Kubica. 21 races, 14 points. Pochini but so be it. Reappointment. The disastrous Alpha will be happy … 2 + 2 = 4.

Raikkonen – Okay now it's on vacation, but this last race is quite off. Its the most Alfa points of the year. Season of 6 and a half.

Russell – We can only judge it on a real machine. 5 for the future. And on trust.

Kubica – Won the full life challenge of returning to F1 after the accident. But with that Williams maybe it was better to stay at home. 5. Williams final: 0.

Bottas – He starts and comes back like a madman. Qualifications 'no' then forgets about divorce and closes fourth, from 20th, thanks obviously to the umpteenth new motor. It hurts even when it's good. Season 5

Pirelli and Fia – If these tires are so degradable, and of this the performance suffers, it is the fault of the Federation, which has asked for tires with a weak specification. 1.

Race Commissioners – DRS unusable for the first 20 laps. Very serious damage. 0.

by Leonardo Filomeno

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