Launch of the People's Party of Canada: Maxime Bernier acclaimed by his supporters


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The member for Beauce, Maxime Bernier launched this Sunday in Sainte-Marie Center Caztel, the campaign of his party, the People's Party of Canada (CPP). Many supporters and media were present to attend the first launch of this party, born in 2018.

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The vice-president of the riding of the CPP Beauce, Ginette Lamontagne held the role of master of ceremonies and slipped a few words in the two official languages ​​of the country. Then followed the national anthem performed by Beauceron Manon Poulin.

Speech of two candidates: strategic choice?

The first candidate to say a few words in English was Baljit Singh Bawa, who ran for CPP in Brampton Center, Ontario. To begin his speech, Mr. Bawa quickly criticized the image conveyed by the national media, that of a racist and undiversified party.

"The national media do not want you to know that the candidates of the People's Party come from every race, ethnicity, and religion. "

It has been 20 years since the candidate immigrated from India to settle in Canada. He spoke of his commitment to the values ​​of his leader and his party.

The Montarville candidate in Quebec, Julie Lavallée had a hard time making her speech often interrupted by applause or shouts of approval when it came to "extreme multiculturalism".

"We do not reject them, as xenophobes would do. On the contrary, we want them to be part of our family. Let them speak our language. That they learn and respect our history and our traditions. That they adopt our culture and our values. That they become fully Canadian, "she said in defense of the label of intolerance that sticks to the Party since its inception.

Maxime Bernier welcomed as a hero

The public was waiting for only one person, Maxime Bernier, who was welcomed as the future prime minister, as Mrs Lamontagne introduced. The Leader's rhetoric in English and French presented the CPP as the only one who wanted to do things differently and would allow Canada to maintain its identity and values ​​through four principles: "freedom, accountability, fairness and respect. "

Moreover, Bernier recalled his Beauce origins to mention that such a population that "was independent of nature" his party did not follow the "old parties". For the 35-day campaign, the member for Beauce admits that he will not be able to be in the country every day, but that he will make a show of taking nothing for granted.

"To debate, to debate …"

The Leader of the People's Party is still waiting for the final decision of Commissioner David Johnston to participate in the leaders' debate. It is certain that Bernier's supporters wanted to pass on a message, constantly chanting during the ceremony, "Au débat! ".

Convince the rest of Canadians

The last words of Maxime Bernier to close this first launch were: "My friends, we have nine weeks to convince Canadians to vote for a real change. We are ready. "

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