Corrado: "Napoli, here's how much De Laurentiis has to the team for every win. The coach has to be changed"


Antonio Corrado, a journalist, spoke during the Fuorigioco program, a program broadcast on the Televomero television station.

The journalist Antonio Corrado issued some statements during the transmission offside, program broadcast on the issuer Televomero. Here are his words: "After the victory against Salzburg in the first leg, I said that the results cover every bad mood. And so it was. As soon as things went less well, the problems came up. Everything comes from the dissatisfaction of the players from the technical point of view, from the missed results. Some players have responded in a non-educated way to the company, rightly resented for performance not up to par. "

Antonio Corrado then added: "Do you know how much De Laurentiis gives to the team for every win both in the league and in the Champions League? About one hundred thousand euros. And it is not right for rude responses to arrive. The most serious error is however Ancelotti, who first takes the side of the team by saying no to the withdrawal, then he went to Castel Volturno going, in fact, against the players. This rose is in free fall. The only solution is to change coach ".

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