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Taking advantage of a week off, head coach Khari Jones and his right-hand offensive Andre Bolduc attended, Thursday, training Rouge et Or of Laval University.

In addition to spying on the hopes of the Rouge et Or, including guard Samuel Thomassin whose rights belong to the Alouettes, Bolduc was able to see at work his quarterback son, Thomas, who disputed his first campaign in the university ranks .

"We talked to each other every night during the training camp," said the coach of the Alouettes' running back. I feel it mentally and physically. He was well received. In Laval, some have to wait three years before being dressed and he longed to be in the lineup in his first match.

"It's a big change to make the leap between the college and university circuits, but he is not intimidated," said the father who ran the Vert & Or at the Université de Sherbrooke from 2007 to 2011. He is humble in the process and he learns every day. He likes Justin (Ethier). The quality of the coaches was part of his choice. He spent the summer in Quebec City training while living with his maternal grandparents and he returned to Sherbrooke on weekends for work. He was well prepared and disciplined. "

For a moment, Bolduc found himself on the other side of the fence. Accustomed to recruiting in Sherbrooke as well as with the Montmorency Nomads when he ran in the college network, Bolduc accompanied his son during his visit to Laval last winter.

"It was fun to sit on the other side of the table," he said. I listened and I visited. Glen (Constantin) recruited me when he was at Bishop's and Marc (Fortier) was my roommate when we played together at Concordia. This is the only visit I attended. Thomas had made his other visits in the summer. "

Encouraging for the future

The father did not influence his son's decision.

"I just played the role of any father," he said. I simply asked him to set his top 4-5 and not to visit where he was not going to go. He was recruited by teams from Montreal, Ontario and Atlantic. I am very happy with his choice. The situation in Laval is good with a fifth-year quarterback (Samuel Chénard). It's reassuring because he can learn from a Grade 5 guy and he will have the opportunity to fight for the job next year. If all goes well for the team, he could also get the opportunity to see some ground this year. "

Khari Jones still believes in the qualities of Hugo Richard

While recognizing that the road will be difficult, Khari Jones believes that Hugo Richard has the skills to carve out a place in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

"If I did not believe in his potential, he would not be with us anymore," said Montreal Alouettes head coach and offensive coordinator. The road will be difficult. There are so many quarterbacks in the United States who get good coaching from an early age. It's a difficult position and it takes a special individual. "

Even though the former Laval University Red and Or star was defeated at the end of the training camp, Jones believes Richard has the necessary tools to progress as a quarterback, while noting that he does not do not know the future.

"Will Hugo play another position or quarterback, I'm not sure yet," said the veteran coach. It remains to be seen, but Hugo has the mentality and skills to evolve as a quarterback. Seeing him as a quarterback is not out of the question, but he is a good athlete who is good enough to play at another position. We do not expect a lot of a freshman quarterback, but I hope he'll be able to compete for a position in the future. When he gets a real opportunity, he will have to make the most of it. "

Athletic qualities

Félix Faubert-Lussier and Étienne Moisan are two other Rouge et Or products that evolve with the Alouettes. "Felix had his first reception in a real game with us in Moncton in the first game of the game. He is a solid player and we are glad he was still available after we released him. He had discussions with other teams and he was very close to being unable to sign it.

"As for Étienne, he will become a good player, to sue Jones. He learns the position of center-back. Because we often throw at our rear centers, we like its athletic qualities. "

Jones and Andre Bolduc exchanged a few words with guard Samuel Thomassin before training the Rouge et Or. "It was a difficult decision to cut him off, but we thought it best that he get some playing time in Laval. The fact that he had one year of eligibility left him in the balance. He has a bright future. "

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