First evacuations in Florida before the arrival of Hurricane Dorian


With winds of 175 km / h, hurricane Dorian advanced Friday over the Atlantic towards Florida, where residents were preparing to evacuate coastal areas that should be struck in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

The climatic phenomenon, threatening to become an "absolute monster" in the words of President Donald Trump, was ranked in category 2 on a scale of five. But it had to gain power and reach the continent in category 4, with squalls exceeding 220 km / h.

Trump on Thursday canceled the trip to Poland this weekend, to ensure in person that "all means of the federal state are focused on the storm that happens."

"Get ready. Be ready to face an event that could last several days, "warned Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday.

"If you are in an evacuation zone and you are ordered to evacuate, please do so. Put your safety before the rest: it is better to evacuate and not finish the victim, rather than stay and put your life in danger, "added the governor.

Florida is on the front line every year during the hurricane season. With a very flat relief, the coastline is particularly threatened by rising water. The center of the land is also characterized by low altitudes. For the inhabitants, the main threat is therefore floods.

Some began evacuating to areas deemed safer, but the majority of them were expecting, Dorian progressing at a low speed of 17 km / h and tending to change course.

The latest projections saw him reaching the eastern coast of Florida at the seaside resort of West Palm Beach. This is where Mr. Trump owns his famous Mar-a-Lago Golf Club, which he calls his "Winter White House".

This geographic proximity provided the former Prime Minister of Canada the opportunity for a mockery addressed to the Republican billionaire. "I'm dreaming of a frontal (hurricane) strike against Mar-a-Lago," Kim Campbell said, recalling that Trump denied climate change.

Kim Campbell erased this message on Friday morning and apologized. She said her remark was "sarcastic" and that she did not want any harm.

In the field, many residents were storming petrol stations and supermarkets. They were instructed to store water, food and possible health treatments for at least a week.

According to forecasts from the National Hurricane Center, Dorian is expected to dump on portions of the coast rains with accumulation of 15 to 30 cm, or 45 cm in some localized areas.

A state of emergency has been declared in the archipelago of the Bahamas, Florida and in a dozen counties in the state of Georgia. This measure makes it possible to better mobilize the public services of the State and to resort, if necessary, to federal assistance.

According to a coordinating relief officer, 12,000 soldiers are currently in Florida pending the arrival of Dorian.

The Rolling Stones, which were to make the Miami public dance Saturday night, have advanced their concert Friday, because of poor weather forecast. Mick Jagger and his band had already had to move a date in New Orleans last month because of Storm Barry.

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