The new infections drop, the victims go back: another 743 deaths


“The increase in positive people is 3612, for a total of 54,003”. The Civil Protection, through the mouth of the commissioner Angelo Borrelli, updated the data on the coronavirus in Italy. “Even today we have recorded an increase in the deaths of 743 people”, which bring the total number to 6,820. As for the healed, they increased by 894 units: a total of 8,326

Of the total infected, 3,396 are hospitalized in intensive care (which corresponds to 6%), 192 more than yesterday .. Of these, 1,194 are in Lombardy. 21,937 are then hospitalized with symptoms and 28,697 are those in home isolation.

Franco Locatelli, president of the Superior Health Council, wanted to clarify that there will be no extension of the containment measures of the virus until the end of July, denying a rumor that circulated during the day: “The duration of the containment measures, in particular those aimed at non-essential and social work it is until April 3 and in the previous days the appropriate decisions will be taken according to the epidemiological evolution “. Locatelli added “on the subject of laboratories capable of performing diagnostics, they have increased to 77 as of 20 March. There is an evaluation of diagnostic approaches for the identification of viral RNA, the golden standard, which can reduce the time technicians compared to traditional tests, up to very tight times ”

The extraordinary commissioner clarified part of his interview published today on Republic: “Mine was a broader discussion on the possible number of asymptomatic positives. There are those who speculate more, who less. In the interview I referred to values ​​that could also be those, but it is an empirical discourse also based on the fact that, for example, among my collaborators there are three absolutely asymptomatic positives “. Borrelli started the conference by addressing “a special wish to Guido Bertolaso that we know is affected by the coronavirus, “said Borrelli, starting the conference. “A wish for you to soon ‘negative’,” added Franco Locatelli of the Superior Health Council.

Lombardy also updated the data, in their daily conference with Giulio Gallera, councilor for Welfare. There are 30,702 coronavirus positive people in the region, an increase of 1,942. “A little higher than yesterday. The numbers yesterday were all too positive “, specifies Gallera. The deaths in Lombardy rise to 4,178, an increase of 402 people. The number of hospitalizations increased by 445 units, for a total of 9,711. “A figure that stabilizes yesterday’s reduction.”

As regards the provinces, that of Brescia sees a growth of 393 positive cases, a total of 6298. Milan reaches 5,701 infected, with an increase of 375 positive people. An increase higher than that of Bergamo, where there were 257 new cases (6,728 overall). Monza reaches 1454 sick, due to an increase of 324 people.

The city of Milan has a total of 2297 positive cases (+121). In Codogno, the first Italian outbreak, there were no new cases: “There are 268 positive people, with zero infections more than yesterday”.


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