The Knesset and the change of the broadcast schedule in the corporation: The CEO of Koblenz is required to give explanations


The Board of Public Broadcasting calls on CEO Eldad Kovintz to order: Globes learned that after a lengthy council meeting held on the Zoom app, Koblenz was required to present to the council within 24 hours a reference to both the change of schedule and the removal of corporate employees on forced leave.

As revealed in “Globes”, in recent days under the auspices of the Corona crisis, the management of the corporation led by Koblenz has made several moves, including the removal of about 100 employees on vacation. This is despite the fact that the broadcasting corporation is defined as an essential enterprise. In addition, changes were made to the corporation’s broadcast schedule. Most of the significant changes were made to the Network B broadcast schedule and included, among other things, the cancellation of new releases and the reduction of flag programs, such as the “Agenda” program led by the Neobach Foundation.

The moves were made without the council’s prior approval. Most of the measures the council did not know at all, and its members learned about them from the media outlets.

At a “difficult” meeting, council members made it clear to Koblenz and the deputies who took part (human resources, finance, TV) that the changes made to the broadcast schedule involve a change of policy, and a change of policy requires the approval of the corporate board.

In addition, some members of the council have been severely criticized for the achievements of the news company these days, which are unable to translate the great interest that is currently being made in current affairs to improve the corporation’s viewing data. Recall that the Keshet and Network news companies have seen a significant increase in their viewing data following the Corona and political plunder crisis, while the watch data on the corporation’s news broadcasts remain unchanged.

As first revealed in “Globes,” between Eldad Koblenz and the bulk of council members, there has been a complex relationship in recent months. While most council members were in favor of reappointment when the tenure of a permanent CEO was selected, it seems that in recent months there has been a significant change and that on many issues the council and management do not see eye to eye.

However, unlike Koblenz, who just a year ago was given a mandate to lead the corporation in the coming years, councilors will soon need a renewal of the mandate that in April is set to expire. A detection committee is currently being chaired by Judge Ilan Schiff, whose members are supposed to decide which of the council members will move on, and later locate new councilors. From the voices coming from the recent council meetings, it is becoming increasingly clear that Schiff’s council has the key to determine how much, if any, the corporation’s management will be at the next council term. From what is evident at this stage, the more members of the previous council appear to be in the new council, the greater the difficulty of the CEO of acting only in his own way.

“As far as the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation is concerned, the items published in False Globes are subject to factual scrutiny, are unprofessional and agendas. We will not refer to a stream of venomous and unsubstantiated rumors and gossip.”

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