Sergio Mattarella, roar to the Hill: the date of the government crisis has already been written. The background makes Conte tremble


"The government will fall neither now nor in January," he assured Giuseppe Conte a few days ago without guaranteeing great security. He also noticed it Sergio Mattarella which, according to Marzio Breda on Courier service, has many doubts. On the other hand, the crises open on the yellow-red executive table are many: among the first certain strategic companies for the national economy, such as the former Ilva and Alitalia.

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"Another node – continues Breda – is the Mes (European Stability Mechanism) on which political controversies have already touched on hysteria, irritating the president, and which constitutes a test with the EU. Urgent is the decision for a framework law on differentiated autonomy, a subject that the 5 Stars detest ". But that's not all: "From the 20th of next month the Constitutional Court will have to decide on the referendum initiative presented by the Calderoli League to eliminate the proportional share from the voting system, which could destabilize the projects of some political forces. And a question mark heavy represents the cut of parliamentarians, operational since 12 January, provided that someone does not collect signatures beforehand for a confirmatory referendum ". What's more, there are the elections in Emilia-Romagna whose tragic outcome for the majority seems already written.

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