Funeral of dj Arafat: the business is already established …, "China" mobilized and ready …


Died on August 12, 2019, following a motorcycle accident, the funeral of the Ivorian singer artist, Houon Ange Didier, said, Dj Arafat are scheduled for August 30 and 31, 2019 at the Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny. "China" and the Ivorian authorities are doing their best to ensure that this tribute ceremony of the "king of the cut-shift" takes place in good conditions. The vendors, meanwhile, refuse to be on the sidelines of all this device.

While the Ivorian government, artists and "Chinese" invest heavily in the organization of funerals of the "Daishikan", died atrociously, merchants find there, a way to sell their goods.

All set up early this morning, around the Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny, home to the funeral of the international "Yôrôbô", his ladies have all planned on their small tables to supply all the assistance. On these tables, they sell donuts, bread and many other things. It's their way to support the "China" fans of DJ Arafat.

Also remember the presence of the dressed bodies, come to ensure the security of this ceremony, as the Minister of Defense Hamed Bakayoko had so well indicated, who had "presided over the consultation meeting on the securing of the funerals of (Beerus Sama) in the presence of members of the Government, the Grand Command and the Organizing Committee. "

Inside this stadium in the Plateau commune, a total of 34,000 seats are available to receive these bereaved people. Well before the start of the ceremony scheduled for 16h, "China", already on the spot to grant at this moment all its brilliance.

Worried by this tragic disappearance of the artist, the family of DJ Arafat, the artistic world and Ivory Coast is currently in the regret of "Daishikan. "

Idriss KONE (stg)

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