VIDEO – Naples to Al-Thani? Look what Massimo Sparnelli said about five years ago!


Massimo Sparnelli, former Napoli soccer press officer, posted a message on his official Facebook profile focusing on a possible sale of the club.

The sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani would be thinking of buying the Naples of Aurelio De Laurentiis. The news was re-launched yesterday by Daily Mail. Here's what he writes TuttoSport: "The Al Thani family has the intention to sell the PSG to buy an Italian club: before the Napoli they had also knocked on the door of Pallotta's Roma. Why Naples? Because the Qatari sheikhs are investing a lot in Italy, especially in the tourism sector. And with Capri, Ischia, Pompeii and the Sorrento Coast, they have identified the right place to carry out both activities ", reports the Piedmontese newspaper.

One of the first to launch this news was Massimo Sparnelli, former Naples press officer. These are the words of the journalist about five years ago Campania Sport: "I understand that Aurelio De Laurentiis is looking for funders. There could be a relaunch of the club thanks to new funds. I am a good friend of Montezine and I have heard of some news. Aurelio De Laurentiis has had contacts with the Emir of Qatar ". Now Sparnelli, on Facebook, writes: "After several years now the English newspapers are also coming out. Crazy things …". Click below to watch the video.

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