The M5s-Pd plan: sabotage Salvini


Some actually few – in that crazy and careless beehive that is the Parliament they understood the political value of the fixed point with which the majority of the Giallorossi decided to approach the summit of the other night on the electoral law: there will be no more major colleges. In addition, it is very likely that a proportional law with a barrier threshold will emerge. This decision will tell little to many. For most it will have the same hidden meaning as Egyptian hieroglyphics. In reality it is a revolution that will redesign the Italian political scenario, more or less like the introduction of that half-majority voting system that modified its geography 25 years ago. In the light of this decision, the mysterious sorties of these days of this or that political leader are understood. One meaning, for example, is the phrase that came out of the mouth of Giggino Di Maio, on which grillini parliamentarians have been questioning for days: "We will be the new socialist party". With the proportional, in fact, that brings with it a sort of centrality grillina, Giggino on paper could ally both with the League and with the Democratic Party (he has already done so in this legislature): in a nutshell, he would be able to safeguard that inspiration "Transverse", which is in the DNA of the movement, and could increase its bargaining power. He would be a candidate for his dream, the new Craxi, an unpublished work by Ghino di Tacco. A condition of balance that is tempting and that is the ambition of many in the "central" political segment. Mara Carfagna, for example, makes no mistake when she gives a sort of goodbye to one of the Azzurri who is about to pass with Italia Viva: «If a proportional electoral law comes out it is natural that a process of attraction will develop, perhaps until the merger, between the liberal area of ​​Forza Italia and the party of Renzi ». A new central subject of weight, which would aim, ca va sans dire, also to be decisive.

And again. Gianfranco Rotondi observes from the height of his Christian Democratic experience: «The true paradox is lived by those thirty foremen who have courted Salvini to the point of tearing up a single-member college until they are exhausted. Now those colleges will be canceled, there will be no more. The Cav that I know, at this point, would call Renzi and tell him: Matteo let us verify what the differences that divide us are, and we find an agreement ". But between ambitions and fancies the most accurate picture of the situation is that of Matteo Orfini, piddino proportionalist of the first hour: «A proportional electoral law would be the only reason why it would have made sense to give life to this government and keep this legislature alive. A law of this kind would free everyone: the PD from the need to chase the 5stars; Force Italy to be blackmailed by the League. But above all, it would free the country from Salvini's mortgage, which would no longer be the predestined for victory ".

Exactly. The new electoral law has as its first objective precisely that of putting in the corner Matteo S .. And the League's leadership, which was not born yesterday, is aware of it. "This is an operation analyzed by the deputy secretary Lorenzo Fontana, who aims to make us really sick". The former deputy minister of the Economy, Massimo Garavaglia, has already plunged himself into a sort of autogenic training. "I hope I trust in an old rule: whoever invents an electoral law against someone takes it in that place." But that the end of the uninominal colleges does away with the centrality that the rosatellum had given to the League, the allies of the center-right also understood, those who had to win Salvini's blessing to be elected in the safe colleges of the North to date. "For those like him who is the prince of the colleges – observes Walter Rizzetto, a man of Giorgia Meloni in Friuli the problem is serious". So serious that the two leading men of the League, the leader and Giancarlo Giorgetti, are trying to find a strategy to win the mother of all the battles of this legislature. And, of course, to pursue the goal everyone puts their own character into play. Giorgetti launched the idea of ​​a constituent with a specific goal: "To ban a plan that aims to marginalize us more or less like the Le Pen in France, we must try to sit at the negotiating table". Salvini, instead, as usual, aims for a more military operation: he reopened the communication channels with Di Maio and tries to wrest from the majority the number of parliamentarians necessary to stop the operation, especially in the Senate. Not for nothing Ugo Grassi, professor of law and senator grillino, after flirting with Renzi, is about to pass with the League. «Salvini – he told the nearest grillini he made me a proposal that I could not refuse. I know there are 3-4 more of us who have had a similar offer. "

À la wars comme a la guerre. Already. Except that Salvini's counter-moves are likely to prove inadequate given that the opposing side is wide. "That electoral law is the council that Rotondi offers to the other proportionalists is a law to be approved on December 23: cotta is eaten". Now, of course, that of December 23rd is a boutade, but in the meantime the whole majority of the government has already made the commitment to incardinate it to the House by December 18th. Also because the solution is simple: on the table, in fact, two proposals remain formally – a proportional law with a 5% barrier and another that provides for a proportional double-shift with a majority prize but in reality everyone knows that it is only one. "On the double shift, Federico Fornaro of Liberi confides and the niet dei grillini is the same". Who have a position similar to that of Renzi: "The proportional with 5% barrier – explains the leader of Italia Viva would be perfect". And beyond the threshold, which could go up to 4% to meet the demands of the left, even the most pragmatic piddies think the same way: the modification of the current law towards the proportional model with a barrier would, in fact, require few voting and, therefore, would lend itself to less parliamentary ambushes. It would be enough to cancel the majority colleges and, after the law that reduces the number of parliamentarians, to shorten the electoral lists. Finally, change the threshold for the Rosatellum to be fixed at 3%. "If we start talking about a double shift or introducing preferences, let the wise Dario Franceschini know then you risk doing nothing more." Certainly the double shift remains in theory the most expensive system to Zingaretti, and, perhaps, to some tutelary deities like Prodi and Veltroni. Only that maintaining the Rosatellum is the argument that the Democratic Party uses to convince the secretary is equivalent to giving the electoral victory to Salvini. A responsibility too heavy for Zingaretti too. And then the proportional is coming back into fashion. On the same day that the leadership of the majority in Rome agreed to cancel the majority of the colleges in Rome, the Nova agency reported that in the same hours in Tblisi, at the headquarters of the Georgian Dream party, the government forces stipulated a pact to return to the proportional. As usual, the whole world is a country.

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