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source: by our correspondent, Ciro Novellino

Carlo Ancelotti, Napoli coach, could speak at the press conference at the end of Napoli-Genoa. The club announced press silence during the week, updates are awaited

A leagueCarlo Ancelottiat a press conference with Naples-Genoa at the end. The twelfth matchday of Serie A ends for the two teams after the San Paolo match. The Italian team coach could speak live. Updates are awaited to understand if Naples still confirms the silence of the press. Follow updates on CalcioNapoli24.

Ancelotti, the press conference

  • Napoli is silent in the press, Carlo Ancelotti should not take part in the press conference even after Naples-Genoa
Ancelotti "src =" https://www.calcionapoli24.it/galleria/userfiles/images/DIMARO_2019/26_LUGLIO/conferenzaancelottifinale/dimaro2507conferenzancelotti_1_3.jpg

Napoli v Genoa, Ancelotti press conference

Naples and Genoa still against the San Paolo stadium, the match will be played at 20:45 on Saturday. Ancelotti in a press conference at the end of the match if the press silence is interrupted. Follow the live text on CalcioNapoli24.it and live TV on CalcioNapoli24 TV (296 digital terrestrial).

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