Mass Effect, improved textures and in 4K thanks to new mods for the trilogy


The ALOT group of modders responsible releases an updated texture pack for the Mass Effect trilogy, significantly improving the graphics

The group of modders responsible for the texture pack ALOT has released a new version of the mods dedicated to the original trilogy of Mass Effect. As explained by the user "Creeper Lava" on Nexus Mods, the upgrade first improves the texture of static light sources. Furthermore, the new version improves pre-rendered lights and shadows like those of some objects or lamps. ALOT as a whole introduces about 14,000 improved textures for all three games of the original Mass Effect series.

The modders have also added new textures in 4K for all Shepard's N7 armor in Mass Effect 2 and 3. Similar improvements concern the sky and the selection screen of party components. However, the update does not only improve the appearance of the characters since there are also in this updated ALOT package 200 environmental textures in high quality. To show the new texture package updates the modder group has also released a comparison video.

The new package also intervenes on some minor graphic elements but not for this to be considered less important. In fact, the 2020.10.0 version of ALOT also adds high quality textures to beard and eyebrows of the characters and also significantly improves the textures of the Galactic Map, the holograms of Omega and the alternative costume of Liara. If you want to play with these new textures you can download the mods on the following pages:

We remind you that to download texture packages is necessary be registered with Nexus Mods. Introduced for some years now, the mods aim to update the graphics of the Mass Effect trilogy with improvements ranging from textures to the optimization of graphic settings. new releases of ALOT will also be released in the course of 2020.

Mass Effect 1 and 2 can also be purchased bundled within the Steam Shop.

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