the parish priest of Trentola Ducenta arrested


He would have sexually abused a 12-year-old girl who, at the time, went to the parish: Don Michele Mottola, parish priest of Trentola Ducenta, in the province of Caserta, was arrested on charges of child sexual abuse. The order of custody in custody against the priest, issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Naples North at the request of the Public Prosecutor, was carried out by the agents of the police station of Aversa of the State Police, under the orders of the first leader Vincenzo Gallozzi. From what we learn the investigations, started following a report from the Diocese of Aversa, of which the parish of Trentola Ducenta is part, they availed themselves of the victim's testimony, messages and audio recordings that allowed the investigators to collect a circumstantial picture serious towards the parish priest; circumstantial picture also confirmed by the victim during the probative incident. Already in May 2019, Don Michele Mottola had been suspended from service.

The case had been reported to the Diocese of Aversa by some faithful, as well as by the mother of the victim, who had gone to the Curia to tell how the facts had gone. The story of Don Antonio Mottola and the alleged sexual abuse of the 12-year-old girl also covered the Mediaset television program "Le Iene".

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