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ROME – In the factories of the former Ilva, it's time for the strike. The agitation began at 7 this morning and will continue for 24 hours. In Genoa, in the Cornigliano factory, the employees decided to meet in the assembly starting at 8 am. The workers enrolled in the FIM have already been on strike until November 15th. Today's strike – which involves the three work shifts – was called by Fiom and Uilm who waited for the meeting between the government and the unions before proclaiming the mobilization.Unitary, however, is the assessment that the unions give of the facts. "The national trade unions of Fim, Fiom and Uil declare intolerable what emerged from Wednesday's meeting between the President of the Council and the top management of ArcelorMittal, scheduled to ask for the withdrawal of the disengagement procedure from the former Ilva facilities announced on November 4th. The multinational has set provocative and unacceptable conditions and the most serious concern the modification of the Environmental Plan, the production downsizing to four million tons and the request for dismissal of 5,000 workers, in addition to questioning the return to work of the 2,000 currently in extraordinary administration, "a trade union statement reads.

CONTE: RED ALARM SITUATION (VIDEO)The unions still write: the company must decide "the immediate withdrawal of the disengagement procedure while the government cannot grant any alibi to the same to disengage". Therefore, "all the conditions envisaged by the agreement of 6 September 2018 that would allow the environmental plan to be completed within the established deadlines should be restored. The conditions must also include the criminal shield limited to the application of the environmental plan and the withdrawal of any hypothesis of redundancies ".

Trade union delegates explain that – in the sectors of construction, mechanics, maintenance, services, transport, industrial and civil cleaning – the adhesion to the strike will be high because, with the heavy restructuring that is announced, the induced-contract is the weakest link, lacking the protection of social safety nets.

The Indian group Jindal is called out of the game, denying an interest in the former Ilva's assets after ArcelorMittal's retreat. "We strongly deny" read a tweet posted on the group's Twitter channel, the press rumors that "Jindal Steel & Power could renew its interest in the Taranto steel plant". Even in the light of the disappearance of this plan Bs i can read the pugnacious statements of the leader of the M5s, Luigi Di Maio, for whom "the old group no longer exists and we must oblige Arcelor Mittal to remain in Taranto". Di Maio, who had managed the dossier from Mise, remarked that "we are talking about Ilva because Arcelor Mittal is going back to the agreement". For the current Foreign Minister, "asking to leave Taranto is an unacceptable action that is not a prerequisite for dialogue. It seems absurd to put 5,000 people on the road."

Meanwhile the commissioners of Ilva in extraordinary administration announce an application to the judicial authority of Taranto. They will request the extension of the deadline of December 13 set by the Court to secure the blast furnace 2 (seized after the accident in June 2015 in which the worker Alessandro Morricella died). Yesterday the three commissioners, Francesco Ardito, Alessandro Danovi and Antonio Lupo, met the prosecutor of Taranto, Carlo Maria Capristo.

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