The Bergamo shops: online? No, thanks Only 2 out of 10 rely on e-commerce


The Bergamo shops: online? No, thanks Only 2 out of 10 rely on e-commerce

  • Thursday, November 14, 2019

Ascom Confcommercio's research: 83% of the tertiary sector does not adopt Internet sales and more than 60% find it difficult to digitize.

More than 60% of the Bergamo service industry is struggling to digitize and 83% do not practice e-commerce. These are the two macrodata that emerged from a study by Ascom Confcommercio Bergamo on familiarity with the technology of small and medium-sized businesses in commerce, tourism and services. According to the survey conducted between April and September of this year by the company "Format Research", only 34% of the Orobic tertiary sector considers itself "very" or "fairly" digitalized, with a perception of the higher level of digitization among the companies more structured, those with over nine employees, particularly in the tourism (49%) and services (48%) sectors. E-commerce still has ample room for growth, considering that only 17% of the Bergamo service sector practices it, 12% through the company website and 5% through aggregators such as Amazon, Zalando or eBay, with average revenues equal to 6% of the total.

Read the article by Lucia Ferrajoli by purchasing the digital copy of "L’Eco di Bergamo" on Thursday 14 November for EUR 0.99.


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