Tesla, confirmed the date of presentation of the new electric pickup


Tesla finally remove the veils from new electric pickup the next November 21st, and this time an official one. Elon Musk he wrote it on Twitter last Wednesday, talking about the new one "Cybertruck" like a vehicle that will remember Blade Runner. The date was not chosen by chance, explains the CEO of the electric car company, given that the film was set in November of a futuristic – and optimistic – 2019.

The pickup will be revealed to Tesla's design studio in the city of Los Angeles, with a little delay compared to the original plans of the company. In September, in fact, Musk himself declared that he would postpone the date to November. As far as the new electric model is concerned, not much official information is known, except that I will have one "heart-pounding" design, a greater versatility than that of the Ford F-150 and superior performance compared to those of a basic Porsche 911.
According to the brief words issued by Musk, the idea about an electric pickup dates back to around 2013, and since then the project has been discussed several times: the vehicle will have six seats, a base price of 50 thousand dollars and a range from 400 to 500 miles for the higher price variant, which could have a dual-motor setup and a towing capacity of approximately 135,000 kilograms. Musk also talked about a "cyberpunk" design, but he released only a teaser image that shows little.
The new pickup should also be announced at the same time as the new Ford SUV, the company's first vehicle with an electric engine and designed for the mass market, during the Los Angeles Auto Show. Sales of SUVs and pickups have increased dramatically over the last few years and, although the electric has today a laughable part of the market, it could be an excellent business opportunity to place on the SUV market and electric pickups already in the coming years.

We don't know when Tesla's pickup will actually reach the market, but within two or three years it could find itself competing with an electric Ford F-150, an electric pickup from General Motors, and other models from smaller manufacturers like Rivian.

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