Taxes, the defective algorithm that makes you pay more than it should. Milena Gabanelli reveals the error in the system


If we are reliable on the subject of taxes and taxes decides it a algorithm who gives us a vote. If we take from 8 up we are serene and we take bonuses but if we take less than 6 we enter the list of presumptive controls. The "report card" in question is called Isa (Summary indices of fiscal reliability) and was introduced by theRevenue Agency, points out Milena Gabanelli on the Corriere della Sera, "to speed up the practices and make the fees pay".

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But beware, among the accountants and in different Italian regions "it emerged that between 40 and 50 percent of tax payers went from being" fair and consistent "in the tax return of 2018 to" insufficient "in that of 2019, or viceversa". And this is because the algorithm behind the ISAs, introduced in 2017 by the Gentiloni government, is "badly planned" and "generated a collection, according to the Ministry of Economy, exceeding the expected 2.1 billion".

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