Saluto romano is not a crime: 2 acquitted in Sanremo


The Roman salute is not a crime if exhibited during a commemoration. With this formula the single judge of the Court of Imperia Sonia Anerdi acquitted Manuela Leotta, exponent of Forza Nuova and former councilor of the Municipality of Diano Castello in the province of Imperia, and the Sanremese Eugenio Ortiz from the charge of apology of fascism. The two had greeted with an outstretched arm and shouted "present" during a celebration in memory of the fallen of the Italian Social Republic at the cemetery of Sanremo, on April 26th 2015. The ceremony was filmed by some Digos agents, who had mixed to the nostalgic crowd.


The prosecutor had requested a sentence of 3 months of imprisonment and a fine of 300 euros but Judge Anerdi, citing previous verdicts of the Cassation, decreed that "the fact does not constitute a crime". In a recent sentence, the Court of Cassation itself had instead confirmed the conviction of a lawyer who had made the Roman salute during a session of the Municipal Council in Milan. Many controversies and some judicial train also in other cases, such as when the fascist salute was used to greet the coffin at the funeral of the former president of the Campania regional council Antonio Rastrelli.

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