"I don't judge Conte's words. The second half of Dortmund leaves doubts, but the direction is right"


"These are utterances from the coach, me I do not judge whether he has done good or bad. The two faces of Dortmund have left a bitter taste. Barcelona and Juventus are superior for staff but Inter lost with dignity and composure, while the second half of Dortmund leaves some doubts. Then if the words of the coach are right or wrong someone else will decide. "This is the thought of Riccardo Ferri, interviewed a TMW, on the stinging statements made by Antonio Conte after the last k.o. of Inter in the Champions League.

"What I think is that Inter is a project just born and in my opinion you are working in the right direction – continued the former Nerazzurri defender -. I do not know what goals you can achieve this year, you will need patience. The utterances suggest that Conte does not want to wait but to immediately reach the objectives, but to build a team, a staff and a project takes time. The company has made the possible available. Certainly something was missing, but we knew it from the beginning. The photograph is that of a team that, beyond the second half of Dortmund, is going through a positive period, certainly not 45 minutes that can compromise the good things done since the beginning of the season until now ".

With Chelsea and Juve Conte he won the first. If a couple of experienced players arrived could it also happen at Inter?

"It could be, but with Juve and Chelsea they have been different experiences. Here everything has been changed, from the management to the technical-tactical and managerial aspects. The company is ambitious, with great goals. For now it has made so much available and I believe that in the future will do the same to bridge the gap between the big names and Inter. I remain optimistic, those 45 minutes have disturbed me but have not upset my thoughts on a group that is doing well despite the defections of D'Ambrosio , Sensi, Sanchez and Politano now. In the near future Inter will build a larger and more competitive group, but it also takes time to figure out where to operate and January usually doesn't give too many bumps. it will be done to bring a player who improves the technical rate. And in January it is difficult to identify him ".

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