RAI, Paganini: "Mertens-Inter, something moves. Naples, incredible situation!"


The transfer expert of the Rai Sport editorial team focused on the rumors concerning Dries Mertens and Inter.

Dries Mertens approached to Inter, it would not only be a matter of simple items. The journalist confirms this Paolo Paganini, conductor de 'La Domenica Sportiva', in-depth transmission on the hot topics of the Serie A championship broadcast on the frequencies of Rai 2. The well-known expert in the transfer market of the editorial staff of Rai Sport, intercepted by the microphones of TMW Radio, in connection with this indiscretion, he stated: "Something is really moving." It is recalled that Mertens has the contract expiring in 2020 and has not yet been renewed.

Asked about the moment the team is experiencing Carlo Ancelotti, Paganini then expressed his surprise at a ranking that does not seem to reflect the technical values ​​of the blue rose. To regain the victory, Napoli must above all rebuild the dressing room: "This situation is unbelievable, considering that we are only in November. I have no idea how such an environment can be put together again, it will have to be Carlo Ancelotti with his charisma to try and succeed", the journalist concluded.

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