PHOTO – Cortese: "Penalty as big as the stadium in favor of Naples, gone unnoticed!"


The well-known Neapolitan entrepreneur, cooking expert, commented on a key episode of Naples-Genoa through his social channels.

Maurizio Cortese, well-known Neapolitan entrepreneur, through facebook has hit one of the most important problems but it is strangely forgotten by many in this difficult time for the Naples, or the disasters of the race directors when they direct the matches of the Azzurri. Here is what Cortese writes: "I apologize, but I am suffering from an incurable practical spirit: while yesterday evening you were all intent, rightly or wrongly, to whistle the team, it went unnoticed (not to the VAR that judged it a non sanctionable foul) a penalty as big as the stadium in favor of Napoli ".

Then he added more details: "The second in two consecutive games at home a few minutes from the end and since whistles and hoots depend on the results in the end, I simply pigeon-hole the events in the right order. Having said that, happy Sunday to all, fortunately life is not just a football match". And in fact, the penalty kick not given to Napoli by the referee Calvarese was clear, what will have seen the director of the race live and the manager at the VAR? Ah, to know … No one wants to hide the problems of Napoli, but there are too many mistakes that are further damaging the team. The Azzurri are missing at least 6 points in the standings.

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