Questioned the grandmother hater who insulted Mattarella on Facebook: "Infected by the climate, I want to apologize"


In the magistrate's room that questioned her, at the prosecutor's office in Palermo, she burst into tears: "I beg you, you must help me apologize to President Mattarella. Tell me how I should do it, I throw myself on my knees". Eleonora Elvira Zanrosso, 68, a distinguished lady who had just arrived from Bologna with her lawyer, continued to grind words: "I no longer sleep at night since I realized what I did, I didn't have to insult that way on Facebook the head of state ". The prosecutor Gery Ferrara asks her: "Why did he do it?" Answer, in the minutes: "It was a very hot period, when people were overheated by some members of the Five Stars I was sympathetic to. I allowed myself to be foolishly infected by these facts. I, who are mother, grandmother, lover of painting and animals ".It was May 2018, President Mattarella had rejected Paolo Savona's appointment as Economy Minister, Mrs Zanrosso wrote: "Your brother was killed, fuck … isn't that enough for you?" And so it is over investigated, along with eight other "haters" of the web, for attempting freedom, offense to the honor and prestige of the President of the Republic, but also for instigation to commit crimes.



The hunt for the Jews, the roots of the new anti-Semitism

Now, the investigation is closed, the nine suspects are going to trial, they risk up to 15 years in prison. But the investigation coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Marzia Sabella is far from over: there are another thirty haters in the Digos viewfinder, a request for information to the American authorities has already started, to identify the social profiles that in recent months have distinguished by heavy offenses to the head of state.The haters are from 30 to 74 years old, living from north to south. But, at the moment, only Eleonora Zanrosso has had the courage to confess and apologize. In his interrogation he recalled that at that time "Grillo was shouting on one side, Di Battista on the other. They said:" Let's get ready to take to the streets. Let's get the whole government down ". It was really a tremendous tam tam."

The lady admitted: "One so many times he doesn't even read the comments above, he sees the published post and he launches himself with the comment". After that offensive message and the start of the investigation, she ended up in the crosshairs of the Web, with other heavy messages. "They killed me – he says – At my age I really understood what the media pillory is". This is an emblematic story. The Bolognese grandmother who lives in the elegant Savena district had to close her Facebook account.

"I am almost 70 years old, I am part of that generation that is certainly not composed of keyboard genes, I have eighth grade, I am instinctive. It was my inexperience, we were all revved up at that moment". And he tells the magistrate that he has only taken three fines in his life as a traveler who uses the car a lot: "Here is my whole relationship with the law".


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He was right in his square

Now, Eleonora Zanrosso calls "a bestiality" the sentence written that day. He regrets, he still cries. "I lived them in the eighties, I know who Piersanti Mattarella was, the brother of the head of state". He was the president of the Region who wanted to change Sicily and politics, for this he was assassinated by the Mafia on Epiphany 1980.

"I want to go to the president – grandmother Eleonora kept repeating on leaving the prosecutor's office – I want to apologize to him".

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