Naples in disarray, wrong answers after a week of poisons


The question now is this: a team so out of place, lacking in personality and play, how can it reach the end of the season? For Naples the risk of compromising any goal, even the minimum, is very high.
The clan that had inspired the anti-De Laurentiis uprising, betraying the pact with Ancelotti, would have had to react in a completely different way to the whistling and protesting banners, to that empty and yet swollen St. Paul's for what had happened in the locker rooms of Fuorigrotta few days before, with that collective escape far from the withdrawal of Castel Volturno. Instead the Azzurri bent on themselves, risking their defeat against Genoa, fourth in the standings. Only one shot in the door mirror in the first half, that of Zielinski. Very fine Insigne, the most targeted by the public, and the other attackers Callejon, Mertens (tonic only in the final) and Lozano, unrecognizable with respect to that of the Champions; Llorente's contribution was also nullified, while Elmas, Insigne's substitute, had the best goal ball, but Radu rejected her four minutes before the end. The defense has often skidded, especially from the left side where Hysaj had been placed: Pandev (applause from his former supporters) and Pinamonti have attacked and missed so much. Consequence not only of the absence of Allan, the only median of role, but above all of a completely wrong attitude. The team does not have the stature to deal with the problems it causes itself: the most experienced players have not been able to ensure the correct driving in an evening that was difficult to manage. At this stage not even the experience of Ancelotti is enough and the Napoli sinks more and more. Will the stop help? Will the trips on the Milan and Liverpool camps rekindle it?

We have to be more and more worried because we don't even see character and pride: the game's tracks have been lost for a long time. On the eve of the match she had been troubled by the attempted theft at Allan's house, a few days after what had happened in the San Paolo locker room after the match against Salzburg. Investigators evaluate all the tracks, including that of a demonstration by typhoid extremists, also in light of what the Brazilian midfielder's wife wrote on social media. We must avoid launching suspicions if there is no evidence, but it is clear that a footballer must live peacefully with his family in Naples and not just because the disputes, or strange episodes, could push him to change cities. It is right to protect the tranquility of the players, trying to attenuate the tone of a story that will leave a mark on the future of many Italian football players (including Allan), but do not look for shadows if there are not, waiting for the results of the work of the Neapolitan prosecutor , the first to establish the section for "stadium crimes", when episodes of violence began to occur at the San Paolo, at the old training ground in Soccavo, on the streets of the city.

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At one point the air had become unbearable during the years of football depression, when people fought to avoid relegation (even from B to C), with ambushes and accidents that polluted the environment. But in these last few seasons (and by now they are so many) – thanks to the strength of De Laurentiis, the professionalism of the members and the results – it had all been quiet, at least until last Tuesday, when SpaccaNapoli resurfaced and the painful all against all returned , sport in vogue in our parts. And yet, this was supposed to be the season of maximum compactness – Ancelotti had asked for it at the start of the withdrawal – between the club, the team and the fans to launch the challenge to Juve, in fact lost before it even started. After having dismissed the thought of exonerating him for the drama (of the players, not Carlo) in Fuorigrotta and before flying to the United States, De Laurentiis assigned to the coach not only the power to call the retreats but also that of the total management of the 'technical area. However, this move did not shake either Ancelotti or the team that is legitimizing the seventh place in the standings. Whatever happens, the project is over. So how will it come to May 24th?

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