The voice "Mickey Mouse" style of the coach of the Polish basketball team that blew up the nets


This Tuesday Spain beat Poland 90-78 and advanced to the semifinals of world Basketball from China 2019. During the comparison, Mike Taylor, coach of the losing team, suffered a curious inconvenience with his voice that made it a trend.

From the second quarter, the coach's voice sharpened completely – perhaps a product of nerves – and the television cameras captured his indications during each timeout. Users of the whole pose exploded on social networks and compared it to Mickey Mouse and the gingerbread doll, among other characters. Some even doubted that what their ears heard was true and blamed the transmission for altering the sound, however everything was real.

Minutes after the end of the duel, Taylor appeared at a press conference and congratulated his rival: "Spain has high-level players. Their experience was also a factor. The players took some advantages and it was difficult for us to defend them constantly." Then, His voice had returned to normal.

"We never give up. We try to do our best. We try to change many things, it didn't always work out. I'm very proud of my team," the American concluded. Regrettably, no journalist asked him about the high-pitched voice he showed during the game.

Taylor has a long history in Europe, before leading the Polish team he led the Czech Republic team and currently also works as coach of the German team Hamburg Towers.

The defeat leaves the European team with no chance of reaching the World title, but will still play matches: Thursday will be measured against the loser of the cross between Australia-Czech Republic. Those who advanced on Tuesday were Spain and Argentina, although both expect rival. The South American team, which already qualified for the Olympic Games, will play against the winner of the United States-France.

The funniest memes about Mike Taylor's voice:

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