Matteo Salvini, 50 M5s with the League for a new government? The tip-off from the Forcesist Occhiuto


THE grillini they would be willing to do anything avoid returning to the vote, even to switch to Alloy. It is enough for the legislature to expire. The Cinquestelle, trusts Roberto Occhiuto, of Forza Italia, ad Augusto Minzolini"They will do everything to avoid the polls. In my parliamentary commission there are two of them ready to become Northern League. I am sure that it is bad that it goes 50 of them would break away from Movement, ready to make a government with the center-right led by Matteo Salvini", reports the newspaper.

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And if the pentastelleds are ready to pass with the Carroccio, second Gianfranco Rotondi already next week two parliamentary groups will be born in the Chamber and the Senate from the Forza Italia branch, to replace in case of need "the fringes gone mad" and to avoid the ballot boxes.

In this scenario, the Democratic Party threatens to return to elections: "In the spring", he repeats Andrea Orlando to Minzolini, "we vote". He also said it to Giancarlo Giorgetti: "The grillini are pulping, Luigi Di Maio no longer controls them. Would you vote for the criminal shield for Ilva? ". And the Northern League responded:" Of course, but a moment later the government should resign. I told you that it is impossible to govern with those crazy people ".

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