Maria Perego died, co-creator of the character of Topo Gigio, she was 95 years old


Maria Perego, the TV author who created the character of Topo Gigio with her husband Federico Caldura, died in 1959. He was 95 years old. His death was announced by Alessandro Rossi, administrator of Topo Gigio Srl.

Perego's great innovation in the world of children's television was understanding how to animate puppets like Topo Gigio in a convincing way: making them move by people completely dressed in black on a black background. In 1961 Topo Gigio was the first animated puppet to appear in the Carousel, in an advertisement for Pavesini biscuits. Over the years he was the star of films and television programs and soon he will be the protagonist of a series of cartoons on Rai Yoyo.

Two years ago Cino Tortorella died, the TV presenter famous for the character of Mago Zurlì and shoulder of Topo Gigio for many years.

The obituary of the Mago Zurlì signed by Topo Gigio

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