"Nainggolan tattoos are fine, but if we go to Europe … In Sardinian I can say eja"


Speaking to Rai Radio 1 during the broadcast A day as a sheep, the technician spoke of the great moment his team had been through

The Cagliari in fourth place in the standings, as it should be, is experiencing a moment of attention from the various media. Rolando Maran, leader of the team, intervened on the transmission note A day as a sheep, broadcast daily on Radio Rai 1, with an important promise if the end-of-season result should be a place in Europe

THE WORDS OF MARAN. "Tattoos by Nainggolan? To him they are fine, on me a little less but to a tattoo of Quattro Mori in case of qualification in Europe, I could think about it … In Sardinia I feel great. It is a paradise, I would dare to say that it is almost superfluous to say how good you are. In Sardinian I can say eja. I like heat more than a choir. Even when we go to play away, we are warmly followed by many fans. What do I eat? Be here and don't taste the porceddu, it would be a pity, Cannonau? As if it were raining – he jokes – but with desserts it's good for us. I have not tasted the casu marzu, but I ate what I made in a bag "

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