Maneuver, the company car tax changes again


There comes a change concerning the tax on company cars, one of the most controversial measures contained in the maneuver. The new regime will apply only for newly registered cars.
The announcement was made by the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri: "We are working to improve the norm on company cars. It is right that the tax reform on company cars does not have a retroactive impact, that is, on those who cannot avoid it ”.

The goal, the minister said, defending the grip on company cars, is to safeguard the incentive to renovate the park cars granted in benefits to company employees, but avoiding polluting emissions. We do not want to "punish" those who own these machines, but rather to push company fleets towards less polluting mobility. The standard will therefore be revised so as to “ensure that the methods and times are compatible with the automotive sectors that are focusing onHybrid and the electric".

Gualtieri then pointed out that the measure will not be a new tax but the remodulation of a subsidy, and that the vehicles involved in the provision will be 300 thousand and not the numbers circulated in recent days.

"We are talking about three hundred thousand taxpayers affected by the measure, and the numbers that circulated" there was talk of two million cars affected, "they are fanciful," said Gualtieri. "It is an environmental measure, which serves to renew the fleet, but it must be improved in order to avoid it translating into an increase in employee taxes."

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