Macedonia, the head coach: "Naples tweet on Elmas incorrect: the midfielder reacted this way"


Igor Angelovski, Macedonia's technical commissioner, spoke during an interview with Radio Punto Nuovo focusing on Elmas.

The technical commissioner of Macedonia, Igor Angelovski, has issued some statements to the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo. Here are his words: "I am happy with my players, with what we have done. We have already collected eleven points and we hope to do better and better. The team is made up of many quality players, with a lot of room for improvement. I am therefore very confident for our future too , Elmas will be in the field against Israel. I trust him, he is a very important player for us. In the field he always gives his best, I am happy to have players like him in the National team. I am sure he will play a great game. "

The coach then added: "The tweet of Naples on the declarations of Elmas? I honestly think it was not correct. Elmas only answered questions. Napoli's decision (to take action against the player, ed) was not correct, but Elmas will accept it. How has it reacted to the Naples press release? He is a strong boy, he didn't feel punished, he reacted calmly Elmas always speaks well of Naples. I hope he can play more with Ancelotti ".

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