Pentagon sources: The head of ISIS, al Baghdadi, who died in a US raid in Syria. Trump: A huge thing happened


WASHINGTON – Abu Bakr al Baghdadi he would kill himself after a brief firefight with the US soldiers entering the compound where he was hiding. He would have activated the detonator of an explosive jacket by blowing himself up. This is reported by Pentagon sources in Newsweek. The leader of theIsis he was caught in the raid while he was with some family members. Two of the wives would have been killed, probably overwhelmed by the explosion.

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DNA TEST – Testing is in progress dna and biometrics to verify the death of ISIS leader al Baghdadi. The reports it CNN citing an official from the US Defense Department that al-Baghdadi would blow himself up using a jacket loaded with explosives to avoid being caught during a US raid in northwestern Syria. The same sources also report that the hideout of the ISIS leader was located thanks to the help of the CIA. According to the weekly Newsweek website, al-Baghdadi would certainly have died. To confirm the American voices Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian sources.

THE OK OF TRUMP – The American president Donald Trump approved the operation against ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi a week ago. This was reported by Newsweek, to whom Pentagon sources spoke of a top secret operation taken on Saturday with the use of helicopters. Defense Department sources also explain that there is almost certainty that he was killed in Baghdadi, but checks are still ongoing. Starting from the examination of the DNA, decisive for the identification of al Baghdadi.

THE ANNOUNCEMENT – La White House announced that US President Donald Trump will make "an important statement" on Sunday morning at 9am (2pm Italian time), but gave no further details. The announcement came shortly after Trump tweeted: "Something very big has just happened!", Probably referring to the American raid in Syria which, according to the US media, would have led to the death of the ISIS leader on the Baghdadi. For years, the United States has offered a $ 25 million prize for information that could lead to al-Baghdadi which, last April, appeared in a video. Over the years there have been many claims about the death of al-Baghdadi but they have always been denied.

THE FIRST VOICES – According to military sources reported by Fox News "a high-profile ISIS target" was hit during a US raid on Saturday in the Idlib area. The identity of the person killed cannot yet be confirmed, the sources explain, but it is believed to be the leader of theIsis Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. According to CNN reports al Baghdadi it would have been located thanks to the contribution of the CIA. A few minutes before the news of the raid spread, the American president Donald Trump, with a tweet he had announced a declaration for nine o'clock in the morning of Washington, writing "something very big has just happened!" Sources of the White House then explained that this will be an announcement related to foreign policy. The hunt for al Baghdadi has lasted five years. In April he had reappeared in a video for the first time since July 2014, when he was filmed while speaking at the Mosul mosque. In February 2018, several US sources reported that the ISIS leader had been injured during an air raid in May 2017 and, due to his injuries, had to leave Isis for at least five months.

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