Lecce reiterates its line but chooses the comparison


LECCE – US Lecce has no appeal for the wrong suffered in Lazio-Lecce when Lapadula's goal was canceled, which, repeating on the net the penalty kick saved by Strakosha to Babacar, had signed the momentary tie for 2 to 2. The Var, Pairetto, signaled in the circumstance the premature entry of the Italian attacker in the penalty area and the referee Manganiello, who had not intervened, had the game restarted with a punishment. The club in via Costadura has chosen another way to assert its reasons, that of arriving at a definitive clarification with the technical bodies responsible for supervising the correct application of the rules.

The president of the Salento club, Saverio Sticchi Damiani, immediately contested the decision, recognizing a clear violation of the regulation which at the letter C of the rule 14 imposes the repetition of the penalty in case of entry into the area of ​​players of the two teams: assuming that Lapadula is to be considered inside – it is in projection with the body and arms, not with feet – at least two Lazio players, who pass right in front of Manganiello, are much more so. The justification given by the arbitrator designator, Nicola Rizzoli, refers to the alleged practice adopted in the application of the Var protocol, that is the set of indications that should facilitate the cases of intervention of the race official in front of the monitors: he is punished, he has explained, the footballer who benefited from the invasion.

After reiterating its clear position on the episode, Us Lecce explains in a note the reasons for which it has chosen an alternative route to the appeal: "Aware of the ethical and juridical principles of the sports order that impose respect for the the result matured on the playing field and the consequent unquestionable technical decisions adopted by the competition officials, the Unione Sportiva Lecce, considers nevertheless more useful, instead of judicial initiatives that moreover risk to run aground for formal quibbles, to submit officially to the organs competent the obvious and serious inconsistencies that emerged during the episode in question. The Unione Sportiva Lecce does not intend in fact to promote instrumental actions in its exclusive interest, but to collaborate with the bodies in charge in order to eliminate for the near future any uncertainty in the application of a fundamental rule of the game of football and in the collective interest of all the clubs participating in the competitions ".

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