Florence, 12 under investigation for subversion of the right: they wanted to "blow up" the mosque of Colle Val d'Elsa


There was also the mosque of Colle Val d'Elsa, in the Siena area, targeted by the twelve right-wing extremists investigated by the Dda of Florence. From some conversations intercepted during the investigation that led to a series of searches today, the intention to "blow up" the place of worship would have emerged by sabotaging a pipeline of gas pipes. An attempt that was not completed because one of the suspects, a sixty-year-old from Siena, would have been contacted by the police who had noticed strange movements near the building. "We, as we move, we are not looked at … more!", The man would have complained in the interceptions.The operation, conducted by the police of Florence and Siena, sees twelve people investigated for abusive arms related to the establishment of an association with a subversive purpose. The Digos men, coordinated by the Prevention Police, carried out numerous searches in homes, offices and warehouses in the province of Siena during the morning of Tuesday.
According to the findings, the people involved in the investigation would have praised fascism and Nazism, in chat and on social networks. Twelve suspects, who would not have precedents. From the intercepted interviews the hypothesis emerges that black extremists had the idea of ​​constituting a "qualified structure ready for any eventuality", explained the investigators. The group would have been about to establish a sort of "national republican guard" called to intervene "weapon in hand, without calling the forces of order and doing summary justice".From what has been learned the investigations would start from some conversations intercepted by the investigators of the Digos of Florence and Siena on the social networks, then continuing with investigations of another type. The suspects would have had in their availability a large number of weapons, many of which legitimately possessed. The amount of material seized is considerable, and must now be carefully analyzed. Still according to the wiretapping, some of the suspects would have been used to collect war material and unexploded ordnance using metal detectors in the Sienese and Florentine countryside. One of the extremists later claimed to be able to independently make silencers for his own weapons.

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