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Juve almost always wins. Almost always of measure, but wins. A match from the third stop is the only unbeaten team in the five main European championships, leading the standings and already qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League. There's a Christian Ronaldo, there is Matthijs de Ligt, there are the leaders of all time. Yet the fans are dreaming, with open eyes, of many other great shots. One in particular: Paul Pogba. The French, on the other hand, puts his own, launching from time to time signals of love, the last one addressed to Leonardo Bonucci on Instagram (read here). But as much as it is a catchphrase that has been going on for more than a year, that of his return is not just a dream for the air of social media. Because to dream about Pogba, in addition to the fans, there is also the Juventus leadership. With Pavel Nedved and Fabio Guild that session after session, they try and really try. PLAN – It's not easy, on the other hand Pogba is still stuck in that Manchester United that he would like to leave out of time, from the misunderstandings with Jose Mourinho and those with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the name of the next coach will not change his mind. Rather, United is a tough bone to convince. In the summer he raised the bar from 120 to 160 million, with no compensation, thus sweeping away the ambitions of Juve as well as Real Madrid. The months pass, the shop remains expensive but perhaps a little less, also because Pogba's contract is not eternal. And the voice of an evaluation returned around 120 million from England. Always many, perhaps too many for Juventus. That until Pogba's situation remains this, he will have time to prepare his own offensive, trying to be ready at the right time: in short, the plan does not change. Because at Juve they often return, even Pogba would do it willingly.

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