Early retirement Fee 41 with voluntary contributions or what alternative?


Early retirement fee 41 with the payment of voluntary contributions, we analyze the question of one of our readers: Hello, my name is M, I am 54 years old, I am unemployed since 2018 and my Naspi will end in May 2019. In December 2019 I will have accrued 37 years of contributions and I am an early worker, so I could access the pension with 41 years. I do not return to the woman option, not even in R.I.T.A. I would like to know if voluntary contributions can be paid in a single solution, or if there is another way to take early retirement. Thank you and greetings.

Pension Quota 41 with voluntary contributions

Yes, it is possible to reach the requisite required with Quota 41 with the payment of voluntary contributions. The sum that you will have to pay will still be a substantial sum as you are in the situation of having to pay four years of voluntary contribution. We have explained how voluntary contributions are calculated in this article: Voluntary contributions useful for retirement: calculation and cost

For voluntary contributions it is necessary to submit an electronic request to INPS. The payment cannot be made in a single solution but for the current periods (four quarters each year) must be made within the calendar quarter following the reference quarter. For example, to cover the first quarter (January-February-March) the payment must be made by June 30th.

We remind you that the release of the authorization for voluntary payments is subject to the termination or interruption of the employment relationship that gave rise to the insurance obligation.

The authorization issued by INPS never lapses and voluntary payments, even if interrupted, can be resumed at any time without having to submit a new application.

Moreover, the contributions paid can be in the deductible charges of the income tax return (income or 730) with a reduction in the total income on which the tax is determined.

With reference to the other alternatives, she has already excluded her, 54 years of age are few in order to access any pension form, the only measure that allows a retirement of about 10 years in advance is the R.I.T.A. for the long-term unemployed, but it is not for everyone. For more information on this measure, we recommend reading: Early retirement for 57-year-old unemployed: requirements to apply

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