"If the Ray is an intelligent woman, now stand aside"


He opens his arms. He smiles: «From now on I will be more present, I want to put my face on it. But beware ». At what, Francesca Pascale? "I am not interested in elective politics, the experience of Forza Italia provincial councilor was enough for me." So? «I want to lend a hand to a transversal battle on the rights of LGBT couples. And not only that, even for those of unfortunate women and children ». And the president Silvio Berlusconi what did he say? "He has full confidence in me and, as a true liberal, he gave me his blessing." From the living room of a grand hotel in Rome, Francesca Pascale, for 15 years alongside Berlusconi, talks about his new challenge: the third sector, with the launch of the association I Il colors della liberta. "I will inaugurate it on January 22: I will invite women who have been battling for rights for a long time and who are symbols of the transversal civil commitment: from Mara Carfagna to Paola Concia. Brave and front-line women ".

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Francesca Pascale bursts against Salvini

And will he also invite Virginia Raggi?
«Unfortunately it was enough for me to take a tour of the city to realize how much Rome is out of control. Mice walk happily through the streets, among the rubbish. I'd like to ask the mayor a question. "

And which?
«What happened to the adrenaline of your election campaign? Have you noticed that after three years you are not able to manage Rome? If she is an intelligent and courageous woman, as I believe she is, she should admit her limits and step aside as soon as possible ».

So Raggi will not be there. And then who?
«Who wants to help others. However, those who participate should not have prejudices, but the sole objective of combating discrimination. As Pasolini teaches, not doing good means sinning ".

Perhaps this PD-M5S government could do more than a center-right one?
"The left is good at taking to the streets, but it was the center-right who put some laws on paper with the ministers Prestigiacomo and Carfagna. Why don't both sides talk for everyone's freedom? "

It takes courage!
"Do you know how many gay politicians are in the parties? Lots. But they do not come out into the open. They should do it, or at least fight discrimination ".

Even in the center-right?
«Of course there are. Is it normal, can't it? "

How easy is it to be Francesca Pascale?
«I am sincere: it is beautiful for how my life has changed, but it is not easy. The poisons? By now they are slipping on me ».

Better to spend on rights.
"We are the Italy of contradictions: we fight for the crucifix in the classrooms, but our schools collapse".

She does not like Salvini, this is now known.
«I am liberal and Berlusconi. So of Forza Italia. If I had been a woman of the right with a conservative soul I would have voted Meloni for her consistency ».

However poor FI.
"It's a complicated moment, everyone should be busy: it's the only party that made Italy a freer country and Berlusconi remains the only hope."

Instead there is an air of fleeing.
"The traitors and the ungrateful who left the president did not have great success. All".

And the future of FI after Berlusconi?
"FI is a party built on Berlusconi. There can be no successor to the president, albeit valid. Anyone would pay the comparison with him and inevitably lose the challenge ".

Pascale, write a book.
"I expect my life to become even more interesting. Now I started my fight for rights. Indeed, do you know what made me fall in love with Berlusconi's many things? "

«His love for freedom and respect for others. In 15 years he has never imposed lifestyles on me ".

Here, and love for her what is it?
«For me love is represented by that person, be it man or woman, of which one cannot do without. Something that completes you, that forgives you, that knows how to go beyond the passion of the moment. In my case it is Silvio Berlusconi ».

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