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Cagliari show at the Sardinia Arena. Maran's men destroy the Fiorentina with five goals (5-2 final) and take third place. One-way race: in the first half opens the dances Rog on an assist from Nainggolan, it doubles Pisacane head and ex Simeone (assist Ninja) makes three of heels. In the second half Joao Pedro (assists Ninja) marks the 4-0 then Nainggolan also puts his signature on it. The Viola shortens with a brace from Vlahovic.

Nine useful results (six wins and three draws) for a Cagliari that never ceases to amaze. Compared to the winning trip to Bergamo against Atalanta, Maran he sided in the middle a man of experience like Cigarini instead of Oliva. Pellegrini returns in defense. Forward Nainggolan acts behind the couple Joao Pedro-Simeone. In Fiorentina Caceres re-enters, making a division with Milenkovic and Pezzella in front of Dragowski. In front, alongside Church, not the best, an opportunity for Vlahovic preferred to Boateng.

Cagliari-show in the first half, on the pitch is rossoblu domain. And the goal of the advantage signed in the 16th minute by Rog is the cover image of the great football expressed by Maran's men: eleven passes with three touches of the first that lead the midfielder only in front of the Fiorentina goalkeeper. A collective play of applause, as applause is the external assist of Nainggolan without looking at the companion. Three minutes before, on the 13th, it was the moment of emotion at the Sardegna Arena: the game stopped and the thoughts of the players and the public went to Davide Astori, ex of Cagliari and Fiorentina. died March 4, 2018 in Udine.

There is only one team on the pitch, Fiorentina is on the corner. Dragowski rejects the diagonal of Simeone and Caceres remedies on a wrong back pass by Pezzella. But the hosts are furious: at 26 'corner of Cigarini and winning header from Pisacane, to 34 'devastating counterattack led by Nainggolan who takes his shot back and serves another assist this time for the ex heel Simeon. At the beginning of recovery a change in Fiorentina, with Sottil who takes the place of Lirola.

Church grits his teeth and remains in the field despite a battered ankle. Fiorentina gives the idea of ​​being more alive, with Olsen that flies to the left of Dalbert. But the impression really lasts very little because Cagliari has no intention of stopping. One unleashed Nainggolan retrieves the ball and part on the break, find the perfect corridor for Joao Pedro, who does poker. Fiorentina annihilated. Sottil goes twice in the shot but Viola is all here. And at the party of the goal also Nainggolan participates, that strikes Dragowski with a missile from 20 meters. Applause. In the last quarter of an hour of play there is room for the public ovation for Nainggolan at the time of the replacement with Castro and the purple one with Vlahovic which makes the defeat less heavy. But the ko is clear. Cagliari surprising, the ranking is a dream.

Nainggolan 9 – Performance to scream. The Ninja gives three assists – the one for Rog's 1-0 is remote controlled, the ball for Joao Pedro's net is pure football intelligence – then delights everyone with a feat.

Simeon 7.5 – First the tears at minute 13 in memory of his former partner Astori then the joy – held back – after the splendid goal. He doesn't believe it either. Sacrifice race, suffered. He feels it so much: at the beginning he devours an easy goal (but he was offside) then he moves smoothly.

Rog 7.5 – First goal in rossoblu, cold face to face with the opposing goalkeeper. Owner in seven of the last 8 races and once again proves that Maran cannot do without him.

Cigarini 7 – Maran prefers it to Oliva in the middle of the field. And the direction is perfect. From the foot starts the corner for Pisacane's head.

Vlahovic 6 – A double-barrel that makes the purple passive less heavy. The only positive note for Montella

Caceres 4 – Make up for a wretched back pass by Pezzella (4) but it's the only positive thing about a nightmare afternoon.

Cagliari-Fiorentina 5-2

Cagliari (4-3-1-2): Olsen 7; Hunter 6.5, Pisacane 7, Klavan 6.5, Pellegrini 6.5; Nandez 6.5 (37 'st Ragatzu sv), Cigarini 7, Rog 7.5; Nainggolan 9 (33 'st Castro sv); Simeon 7.5 (29 'st Cerri sv), Joao Pedro 7. Available: Aresti, Rafael, Lykogiannis, Pinna, Walukiewcz, Deiola, Faragò, Ionita, Oliva, All .: Maran 7.
Fiorentina (3-5-2): Dragowski 5.5; Milenkovic 4, Pezzella 4, Caceres 4; Lirola 4 (1 'st Sottil 6), Pulgar 4.5, Badelj 4, Castrovilli 4.5 (22' st Benassi sv), Dalbert 5; Church 4 (28 'st Ghezzal sv), Vlahovic 6. Available: Terracciano, Ceccherini, Ranieri, Venuti, Cristoforo, Eysseric, Zurkowski, Pedro, Boateng. All .: Montella 4.
Referee: The pen
Scorers: 16 'Rog (C), 26' Pisacane (C), 34 'Simeon (C), 9' st Joao Pedro (C), 20 'st Nainggolan (C), 30' st, 42 'st Vlahovic (F)
Booked: Castrovilli, Pulgar, Sottil (F)


Only once in its history in Serie A, Cagliari has collected seven victories in the first 12 games played in the league: in 1969/70, when the Rossoblu won the Scudetto.

Cagliari did not score five goals in a Serie A game since 11 September 2010 (5-1 against Roma); by contrast, Fiorentina did not cash five in the maximum tournament from May 2018 on the Milan pitch (1-5).

Cagliari are unbeaten in 10 Serie A (7V, 3N) challenges, equaling the series of matches without defeats in the maximum tournament established in November 2006 (10, with Marco Giampaolo on the bench).

Cagliari have won their last three home league games: it hasn't happened since last March, even in that case against Fiorentina.

With the KO against Cagliari, Fiorentina interrupted an unbeaten run of four away games (2V, 2N), in which they had conceded a goal less than the five cashed against the Sardinians.

No team has sent more players than Cagliari in this league: 10, like Inter, Atalanta and Napoli; the Sardinians have already equaled the number of different markers of the last championship.

Cagliari scored with five different scorers, all belonging to different nationalities.

In his Serie A career, Radja Nainggolan had never served three assists in a single match.

Radja Nainggolan took an active part in six goals in the last five games played in this league (two goals and four assists).

João Pedro scored his sixth goal in this league: one less than his season record (seven in last season and 2016/17).

First goal in 11 games for Marko Rog in the current Serie A. The Croatian did not target the top league since October 2018 at Udinese, with the Napoli shirt.

Third goal in three games against Fiorentina in Serie A for Giovanni Simeone; for the Argentine it is the fourth goal in the league, the second in a row at home.

For the first time in his Serie A career, Luca Cigarini provided two assists during the same match.

Dusan Vlahovic is the youngest player to have scored twice in this league.

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