Heating, from the ENEA the 10 anti-waste rules to save


energy efficiency

From plant maintenance to thermostatic valves, guidelines to safeguard the environment and utility bill

by Davide Madeddu

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Ten rules to better heat homes avoiding waste, ensuring savings on bills and safeguarding the environment and, in some cases, avoiding a penalty. Practical suggestions that Enea has put on paper in a decalogue entitled #edificinclasseA. Important rules, as specified by the agency, both for a comfortable home and for an action aimed at respecting the environment.

1. Plant maintenance
Starting point for plant maintenance. "It is the number one rule in terms of safety, saving and attention to the environment – Enea writes -. In fact, a plant consumes and pollutes less when it is properly regulated, with clean filters and without limescale deposits ».

2. Room temperature control
It is essential then to "control the temperature of the rooms", because a summer temperature inside the house during the winter not only "is a waste", but "hot and dry air is harmful to health". The legislation provides for a temperature up to 22 degrees, but 19 degrees are sufficient to guarantee the necessary comfort. "Each additional grade – writes ENEA – involves significant energy consumption, with a consequent increase in the bill".

3. Ignition hours
Pay attention to the hours when the heating system is kept on. «In an efficient home, the heat that the structures accumulate when the system is in operation guarantees a sufficient degree of comfort even during the shutdown period. The maximum daily start-up time varies according to the law according to the 6 climatic zones in which Italy is divided: from a maximum of 14 hours per day for plants in zone E (north and mountain areas) to 8 hours in zone B (bands coastal areas of southern Italy) ".

4. Shield the windows at night
Also important is a trick on the windows. "By closing shutters and shutters or putting heavy curtains, heat losses are reduced towards the outside".

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