he tried to convince the players at the last minute, the backstory


Carlo AncelottiCarlo Ancelotti

Ancelotti's hot reaction to the team's mutiny

Latest Calcio Napoli – Today's edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport tells the mood of Carlo Ancelotti when the team made it clear that he would miss the withdrawal in the post-race minutes against Salzburg. Here is what is reported by the rosy:

Carlo Ancelotti

"The coach of Naples has lived it sadly. From Tuesday evening, the day of the insubordination of the players, he is alone, around him has only the technical staff, while Cristiano Giuntoli is engaged in mediation work with the club. The chronicle of those absurd hours tells of an disconcerted Ancelotti for the attitude of his own players, I decided to skip the withdrawal, he tried to make them think, to convince them that this way of doing would only create more tensions, but his appeal is fell into the void. At that point he left San Paolo and reached the retreat site, while the players returned to their homes ".

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