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Weather alert: water bombs on Campania until Sunday


The civil protection notice

weather alert water bombs on Campania until Sunday
The civil protection of the Campania Region has issued a new warning of adverse weather conditions: the yellow hydrogeological criticality continues until 9 am on Sunday morning. The disturbance that is insisting on our region, however, is shifting slightly, still within the Campania region: for this reason, from 9 am tomorrow, the alert will cover all the areas except for the 2nd (Alto Volturno and Matese) and the 4th (Alta Irpinia and Sannio) unlike the one in place until tomorrow 9 which excluded the zone 4 (Alta Irpinia and Sannio) and the 7 (Tanagro). In the areas in which the yellow alert «scattered precipitations, even with a reverse or temporal nature, is punctuated, it is also expected to be of moderate intensity. Possible gusts of wind in thunderstorms ».
The possible risks concern "surface runoff with possible material transport phenomena; flooding of underground rooms and those on the ground floor; Surface water flow in roadways and regurgitation phenomena of rainwater disposal systems with overflow and involvement of depressed urban areas; Raising of the water levels of the smaller water courses with floods in the neighboring areas, also due to local criticalities (tombstones, shrinkage, etc.); falling rocks in several points of the territory; Superficial landslides related to particularly fragile hydrogeological conditions, in basins of limited dimensions due to the saturation of soils ». Precisely to this last aspect, that of the accumulation of water in the lands due to the past rainfall, the technicians invite to pay attention even in the absence of rain.

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