"Florenzi in purple? Fried air. Confidence in Montella, we are happy with his work"


The words of the sports director Viola

On the sidelines of the presentation of the book "I wanted to be a soccer player – Giancarlo Antognoni's first steps"By Filippo Luti, the d.s. Daniele Prade spoke to reporters present:

The team is now in reduced ranks, when all the players return we will see the conditions but the Cagliari defeat must make us think. We have to work well, we all have to do more. Ribery is a very important player not only in technical and tactical terms but also in charisma and experience. All that is said in the market at this time is hot air, anything can happen from here to forty days. We know how to improve and things to do but we have been honest with people. We have made it clear that without a lack of ambition we are in a year of construction and that is what we are doing. Cagliari's defeat will help us understand how to build to improve ourselves. In Florenzi I made the first contract, I love him but he is a Roma player and I never talked to him or the company or the agent. We are happy with Montella's work. I cannot understand this negativity on Vincenzo, before the defeat in the Sardinian land we offered excellent performances. I feel a great identity in the Florentine people, people understand the great work of Rocco Commisso on the sports center, as well as on the stadium.

Florenzi, situation in the balance. And Rome evaluates two possible substitutes

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