Ex Ilva, Di Maio: "ArcelorMittal is going back to the agreement"


"We are talking about Ilva because ArcelorMittal is going back on the agreement." So Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio on the affair of the multinational that announced it wanted to withdraw from the project on the former Ilva of Taranto. "The old consortium no longer exists we must oblige ArcelorMittal to remain in Taranto ”, continues Di Maio. "The State has been asked to respect Calenda's contract, now whoever asks us to respect it does not respect the agreements. I hope that the sovereigns are moved by pride and do not act as waiters for the multinationals," Di Maio states, attacking the League. Then on the matter of the criminal shield: "We as M5s do not agree on the introduction of the shield. The League that takes care of its interests on the stock market presents an amendment, but presenting it even majority parties without an agreement is a problem of majority itself ". (PATUANELLI: NATIONALIZATION IS NOT A RISK – WHAT IS THE CRIMINAL SHIELD – THE STORY OF ILVA)

The attack on the League

The leader of the M5s then returns to the experience of the yellow-green government by attacking the former government ally: "Every time I tried to be tough, the League sided with Arcelor", underlines Di Maio. "They have invested in Arcelor and are battling still for the multinational and not for the workers. We have unmasked the fake sovereignism. We have the only sovranisti in the world that advocate the battles of the multinationals instead of the citizens and the workers ", the foreign minister attacks again.

"Unacceptable and absurd redundancies"

The political leader of the M5s calls "absurd" the request for 5 thousand redundancies by ArcelorMittal: "Dialogue is fine but without threats: Arcelor Mittal knew he would find a government that claims to be respected the pacts". "Asking to go away from Taranto is an unacceptable action that is not a prerequisite for dialogue – he concludes – Putting 5,000 people on the road seems absurd to me."

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