Fished out of the river dressed as Napoleon: a history professor confesses the murder of a student with whom he had an affair


It was fished out of the waters of the Moika River, dressed as Napoleon. Professor in the water Oleg Sokolov, lecturerSt. Petersburg University and awarded the Legion of Honor in France for his studies, he ended up trying to make the remains of the young student he killed disappear in the river. The historian confessed to the murder of the 24-year-old Anastassia Echtchenko which was also his partner. Sokolov was arrested: he had a backpack that contained the woman's arms. The police then found the rest of the victim's body in the man's apartment.

The historian, 63, was then admitted to the hospital for hypothermia, but today he was transferred to a police station for interrogation. His lawyer, Alexander Pochuev, the local media added, reported that Sokolov signed a guilty plea. The teacher admitted he was the author of the murder.

The lecturer was also a member of the scientific council of ISSEP, the political school of the former French deputy Marion Marechal (nephew of Marine Le Pen) in Lyon, an "immediately revoked" assignment. In front of his curriculum, "we could not imagine that he could commit this hateful act", the Institute commented in a statement, "expressing its condolences and support for the victim's family". Some university students where Sokolov taught denounce that the authorities ignored the teacher's aggressive behavior. The Russian media recalled that in 2008 the scholar had already beaten and threatened a woman with death.


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